Presentation of the company Tomas Nemec

The company was founded by the owner Tomas Nemec in 2016. Its core business is the consultant service for clients in the in the field of the preparation and production of products for 'Private label' clients, especially for cosmetics and detergents. Based on years of experience and practice in this field we will design the type and packaging materials, ensure the production and the delivery. Additionally we prepare the formulation according to the type of product and its specification, we ensure a suitable and proven manufacturer who can produce this commodity the best way possible. The above mentioned is the guarantee that the customer will always be provided with a product in the best possible quality at an optimum cost of production with a sufficient production capacity.

In the area of ​​packaging technology we are mainly oriented to bottle extrusion blow moulding, injection of caps, deliveries of tubes and jars, the preparation of packaging foil, delivery of cardboard boxes.

In the field of cosmetics we are mainly specialized in surfactant cosmetics, such as liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoos, bubble baths, herbal baths, wash lotions and emulsion cosmetics such as creams, body and face lotions, cleansing water, hair gels. We also ensure the manufacture of acetone and acetone free nail polish removers.

In the field of detergents we specialize in powder detergents such as laundry detergents including concentrated powders, powders for dishes, powders for dishwashers, dishwasher salt, packages of soda and also liquid detergents such as liquid washing gels, softeners, dishwashing liquids, universal cleaners, polishers for dishwasher, vinegar cleaners, toilet cleaners, lime-scale removers and urine scale removers, window cleaners, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners.

Tomáš Němec

Vrtky 16
Všelibice 463 48
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 602 205 766